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Full Version: Johnson Model B bandsaw
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Here are some pics of a Johnson Model B bandsaw I recently picked up and have started fixing up. Gonna take a while, shop time is sparse. The saw was rough, and missing a couple parts. Had to bang all the dents out of the sheet metal covers, bought a hyd cyl from ebay. Made mounts for the cylinder, bought a on/off switch, made a box for it because I couldnt find any I liked for it.
[Image: photobucket-6468-1350952829469.jpg]
[Image: photobucket-6474-1350952847860.jpg]
[Image: photobucket-5369-1350952685379.jpg]

upper cylinder mount
[Image: 2012-11-29_17-02-39_873.jpg]
mount installed
[Image: 2012-11-29_17-03-25_922.jpg]
lower mount
[Image: 2012-12-01_13-14-13_946.jpg]
with cylinder installed
[Image: 2012-11-29_17-05-08_146.jpg]
[Image: 2012-12-01_13-17-07_231.jpg]
[Image: 2012-12-01_13-17-18_237.jpg]
switch box/cord hanger I made
[Image: 2012-11-14_20-33-36_529.jpg]
installed on saw, brackets holding it on have a dog leg bent in them to get it away from the saw
[Image: 2012-11-14_20-40-59_800.jpg]
this is the auto off bracket installed
[Image: 2012-12-01_14-28-12_47.jpg]
Ill post more when/if I make any progress lol
Ah, money and time, if both were plentiful it would make life so much easier.

Nice work, especially on the switch box.
Smiley-signs107 looking good Thumbsup
(12-02-2012, 09:38 AM)Mayhem Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work, especially on the switch box.

Thanks guys!! Only had a little time today to work on it, if I get a chance later I`ll post up what I did.....
That will make a nice saw when it's done. Nice job on the switch adaptation!

Thanks Monkers, did you say what the capacity of the saw is? As in ?" x ?" . I 'd like to compare it too my homemade saw.
Looking good Craig, Thumbsup
I like the way the guides adjust allowing you to bring them close to the work.

Nice project!! Love that set of grey cabinets you have in the first pic background right.
(12-02-2012, 08:07 PM)stevec Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Monkers, did you say what the capacity of the saw is? As in ?" x ?" . I 'd like to compare it too my homemade saw.

Im not sure really what the capacity is, I dont have the info in front of me, maybe 5" round, 10" flat??
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