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Full Version: D.T.I fix
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hi all had sum time in me workshop today so i got on with this job in all the dti is in good order as you will see by the pics it needed a new back making so i had a rummage and got a nice bit of brass to do the job as you will see their is a hole in the part that will become the back this will be sorted out when the bracket gos on the back i marked out the disk then cut it out and ruff it out to shape then i put sum stock in me chuck and fast this off then with sum super glue and me running center stuck the disc to the stock then turned dawn the OD right pics
Nice work as always Bob.

Haven't seen you online for a while - I hope all is well.
(02-04-2013, 10:24 AM)Mayhem Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work as always Bob.


Bob, do you ever make replacement dial faces? 17428

I need a set with numbers that go the other way round for my dial bore gauge. Blink
hi yep all is well just with gnaw working not much time on me hands and its bin too cold in me shop hi highpower sos no i have had a go at making them with no success throw it open to the room sum one may be able to help right back to the dti i had to put a recess in the back of .5 mm deep i did this by modifying me Small parting of blade once that was dun i then turned the disk round and made it 3mm thick then spotted the fixing hols then drilled them 2.1mm then countersink them for m2 shod of dun a beater job of that bit right pics
No filing necessary on this project Bob?

Well done!


Bill Gruby

Very well done. you make it look easy.

Billy G
Looks good Bob Thumbsup Smiley-signs107
yep theirs filing in the next bit
Nicely done Bob!
hi last bit and a bit of a bran wave the last bit to do was mack up the bracket on the back i used a peace of brass that the back came from i marked the middle then drilled and tap for m2 this will be used to hold the bracket in place while being soldered to the back i then drilled the m6 fixing hole then filed the thing to shape i will let the pics fill you in
as to the bran wave highpower have you got a scanner ? on your PC and sum photo editing soft where if so remove the dile scan it revers the image print out on plan paper once you is happy with the result get sum of this all i can describe it as being plastic you can print on theirs all sorts of stuff out their gnaw theirs the stuff you can mack your own key rings with to making labels for your cups or just good quality photo paper
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