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Full Version: JD carb fix.
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I got this 1938 JD carb from a customer and the threads were shot where the float bowl nut screws on. The bottom 3 threads were stripped off. So after pondering how to fix without welding i can up with this. I bored a stub of metal for a 7/8-18 thread to match the existing threads and made sure it screws on tight since there were good threads on the upper part. I threaded it with this custom ground HSS threading tool since it was against a sholder on the inside. Took 4 or 5 passes and it fit great. The black line on my tool bit is my depth stop. Then i threaded another stub 7/8-18 OD for this adaptor to screw onto to thread the OD and trim to length. Then i will make a custom 1-18 acorn nut to replace the old 7/8-18 and it should be fixed. To be continued and more pics to come...Bob
Ok here is the threaded part on my stub manderal. And then screwed onto the carb body. Now to make a new nut from hex stock...Bob
Nice re-do Bob, customer should be happy with that.
I agree - nice fix.
Great save Bob. That Deere will be thumping away again in no time. Thumbsup
Nicely done Bob, Smiley-signs107
Very nice
Clever but simple WorthyWorthyWorthyWorthy
Here are the final pics. I made a new hex acorn nut and got it threaded. Then i bored the float bowl body out a good 1/16" with my spindle mounted boring head. Ready to ship back...Bob
I may be slow but sooner or later I get it. 17428SlapheadSmiley-signs107
so the threaded sleeve you made was so the acorn nut that holds the bowl to the carb had something to thread on to.
Very nice indeed Bob.Smiley-eatdrink004
Jerry. Popcorn
well dun