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Full Version: utility truck bin storage project
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While waiting to scrounge some more material for my mill/drill stand, I decided to throw together a project that has been on hold for a while. Its a storage cabinet (or will be) made from salvaged utility truck bins that were gonna be thrown out......I only got six of them but it will I plan on wrapping it with sheet metal and making sheet metal doors, we`ll see if that materializes or not....Popcorn

[Image: 2013-02-18_15-24-03_245.jpg]
Great project, every bit counts as we keep collecting goodies.
sure does!! Thank you. Ive made a couple of these over the years, Ive stumbled upon a handful of bins, short and long......I only have 6 of the short ones, the rest of the space above will be a shelf for other
I want the addresses of wherever it is you are doing your scrounging! Drool
(02-18-2013, 09:34 PM)Highpower Wrote: [ -> ]I want the addresses of wherever it is you are doing your scrounging! Drool

Why not just get Monker's address and then you get the finished product. Seriously, are either of you going to finish yet another project?

Work smart, not hard Big Grin
OW! Darren,Blink
It's true I'm a little slow but I get around to it.RotflRotfl
Jerry. Popcorn
Hey! I've managed to finish more projects in the last month than I have in all of last year. Unfortunately, they weren't all mine. Happyno

I even got some half-way finished,. As usual... Big Grin

The hard part is getting material. They don't give it away here like they do in the Big Apple I guess. Rotfl
Lol, work gets in the way of my projects........
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