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Full Version: yet a nuther D.T.I repar
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hi all went over johns today to drop sum things off and micktoon popt in with his skull and he had bin given a D.T.I that needed my loving touch it looked to be in good order from the outside but on the inside it was a mess sum one had had a go at fixing it but made things worse the mane folt with it was corrosion in the slide guides ie the bit that the center rod goes up and dawn in but they had managed to damage the rack and brake two pivots of the end of two gear wheels i sorted them out by removing me chuck and fitting in a drill chuck in me head stock that wood hold them for drilling i used me smallest center drill then drilled the end with a 0.75 mm drill on both of them then i made two new pivots out of a needle then soft soldered them in place gave Avery thing a good clean and ha presto one working D.T.I right pics
You're amazing Bob! Nice rescue, as usual. Thumbsup


I know where I'm sending my dials when they need repairs.
You are the man Bob WorthyWorthyBig Grin..............You have fixed that faster than I have managed to get a taxi before RotflRotfl Quality work as usual, there is no way I would have been able to do that myself, Thanks very much Bob You are the King of DTI repairs Smiley-dancenana

Cheers Mick Smiley-eatdrink004
Bob, you're a magician! Thumbsup
thanks all will post a pic of it in its new box when the varnish has dried
Very well done Bob
Mick will be well pleased
The one you did for mi is working great
glad to no its ok john
this is the center drill that was used
Nice save Bob. Another indicator with a second lease on life.

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