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Full Version: D.T.I stand refit
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hi all well i had a full day in the workshop today and i had a project i have had the stand for sum time the magnet in it was OK so it was worth fixing up first job get the magnet out to my surprise it just came strate out the next job was to clean it up i removed as much of the old pant by hand then set it up in the 4 jaw chuck to clean the sides off then i had to mack up a front cover plate i made this out of a peace of aluminum plate 4mm thick i drilled the center out then with me boring bar bored out the hole to 32mm then i had to put a step in 2mm deep by 38mm wide this is for the device that will rotate the magnet right pics
Hi Bob,
Nice to see you 'at it again' Smiley-signs107 so far.
thanks Dave i had a rummage and fawned sum plastic that will become the rotating device for the magnet i turned the out side diameter dawn to 38mm that's the sises of the hole that the magnet fits in to then i had to put a step in it to go threw the plate for the front then i needed to cut the slot out for the magnet to fit in to witch is 20mm wide by 7mm deep by hand this proved to be harder than expected once that was dun i had to put a slot in the front of the device this will be for the nob to rotate the magnet simple this time the slot is 8mm wide by 4mm deep i just cut the sides out then with a wood chisel cut the center out then made up a peace of brass that will be fitted for the nob and two stops putting in i marked of all 4 corners and drilled 1.6 then taped 2mm to fix the front plate on right More pics
I'm just curious what do you use as a 'marking fluid'?
Looking good Bob - I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Dave - my guess is Bob uses the same marking fluid as I do: a felt-tip pen. Always ready to use, easy to apply, no mess and easy to clean up.
Another good fix Bob GraemlinGraemlinGraemlin Might as well use them icons for what they were intended for Rotfl
Cheers Mick.
well its all dun as for marking out its a big Maker pen i will take a pic last pics
Smiley-signs009 Thumbsup

hi as promised pics of the type of marking pen i use for marking out i have removed their name as i don't no if i will get wrong for posting with their name on show these are the best two that i have cum a Cross
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