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Full Version: How to Locate the Center of a Hole With an Edge Finder
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Ok, I'm on a roll.

Here's a little tip I came up with years ago that's a real time saver. Instead of indicating a hole to locate the center, you can use an edge finder with impressive results.


Another good one Tom. I'll use that, a lot quicker than indicating it in.
Thanks Greg.

The technique is surprisingly accurate. I had to shoot the video three times before getting something besides all zeros, figuring it had to be a little off to be believable. Be sure to keep your edge finder clean and oiled. When they get dirty, they get sticky and accuracy suffers.

Thanks Tom. I'll be trying out that technique real soon.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Ron.

Oh, and welcome back! Thumbsup

Looks simple thank's Tom

It is simple Jerry and a lot quicker than setting up an indicator.

Nicely shown TomSmiley-dancenanaDrool
Thanks John!
Hi Tom , another good video, I have been watching them all , so thanks for going to the trouble of making them, as usual well explained and filmed , I will have to try it once I get my DRO fitted to the mill.
If you were taking requests Tom, how about a video on guage blocks and there uses, it seems to be a thing that there is not much usable info for the home shop type guy.

Keep up the good work Smiley-eatdrink004

Cheers Mick
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