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Full Version: drill vice refit
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hi all i got this at the boot sale it needed my loving touch its a nippy drill vice that had bin well used as i don't have the means to weld cast i used two part metal epoxy to fill in the drill marks the key to using this stuff is give it something to grip on to IE in this case SOS no pics i drilled 1mm holes in all of the drill marks so the epoxy had sum thing to hold on to then i just smoothed it dawn with a file then finished off with emery cloth gave it all a scrub with a weir brush and re-panted it pics
Nice find Bob a hany vice, I like them type of jawsSmile it looks new again ..... but have you ran out of blue paint lol

Cheers Mick
Bob, what's that goop you use to fill the drill marks that looks so much like the cast iron when you file it off?
er well its from the £1 shop no name on the tube you just cut a pece off and mix the the two together i will post a pic
I do like the new colour Smiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenana
Bob that sounds like a product I've used. Amazing stuff for repairing bores in cast where a bearing has spun. Machine the hole out say 100 though over, pack that in and let it set with a light bulb beside it to help cure it. Once set it machines like cast.
Nice Vise Bob, and a cool name "Nippy". Lol
A cool blue fix Bob Graemlin
hi all thanks for the comments still have lots of blue pant left mick but rob is complaining that i have to much blue well me lathe is supposed to be yellow it may get panted pink
Thanks for posting, I have one that needs the treatment! I may need a couple of packs!


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