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Full Version: Homemade 20 ton hydraulic press
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A few pics of my Hydraulic Press.

It stands 1800mm (6ft) high
600mm (24 in) wide
Made from 100 x 50mm( 4 x 2 in) channel



I can “whind” the platform down with the winch. The platform is a little heavy to manoeuvre and replace the pins at the same time.

Shows the pins that hold the platform

The 20 ton jack

Well that's mine, do you have one to show us?

Interesting design Dave. Is it welded together or bolted?

Thanks for the pictures.

Hi Ed,

It is all welded, I was going to bolt it altogether, still have the 16mm bolts. In the end it was just a little easier to clamp it and weld Big Grin

Handy looking press
I like the winch to raise & lower the table
The one i use ar work could do with that feature at the moment it is a 2 man job
Here's a couple of pics of my 10 ton I beam press.
I was having some problems with it going out of alignment sort of like a mouth opening wider and wider. So I added a couple of compensatory (if you think that's not a word you can apply for a copy of the stevec dictionary by PMing me) measures.
In it's old carnation (see above), back in Ontario, I didn't get the perspective seen in the pics above but after the move to Nova Scotia , when I was putting it up on the wall because I needed it, I noticed the arc I had put in the I beam in it's years of use.
I'm thinking my pump/cylinder is capable of more than 10 tons and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 4 foot "cheater" pipe I used on the pump handle (I only used that to get my body further from the point of explosion about to happen.)
I don't know whether or not to drill equivalent pin holes on the back side and flip it around and then limit the tonnage once the beam is straight again.

P.S. the compensatory measure up top is missing one of it's 5/8" dia. anchor pins.
Another interesting design.

Thanks Steve.

(03-19-2012, 04:26 PM)EdAK Wrote: [ -> ]Another interesting design.

Thanks Steve.

Thanks Ed, it's a step up in capacity and power than an arbor press and, like an arbor press, it mounts on a wall. 10 tons sounds like it was too much push for my I beam but if I had kept things more in align from the get go, I might not have stressed that I beam as much.
It has been a pretty good friend and although I plan to build a 2 column press I'd still like to straighten or replace that I beam and keep the press.
BTW I've bought an air operated-foot pedal hydraulic pump and have the cylinder in "inventory" for the upcoming 2 column press.
I'll pictorially document it's development when and as it happens.

That would be wonderful Steve. Smile

Clever design - takes up very little space Smiley-signs107
I have a shop built 20 ton. I'll see if I can get a pic or two. It's seldom used, so it's kind of stuffed against the wall at the tailstock end of my Monarch. I'll need to clear up a little space around it so you can see it.
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