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Full Version: me grindre refit
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hi all well me bench grinder has bin making a strange a sort of sound when you first switch it on a hi pitched squeak then it wood go off at first i thought it may be one of the wheels out of balance but i put two new wheels on and still the same then yesterday the noise staid on time to have a dig in side the grinder is as old as me its a black and Decker 6 " well riped it a part all i can find was one of the Bering's had bin spinning in the housing so I'm go wing to replace the Bering's may as well wile its in bits and give it a repent went daft with the pant stripier all back to the aluminum my tips on panting aluminum well its more zinc than ally sum will say you need to use a etching primer i wood agree if it was proper aluminum but in this Case and any other smiler type of castings just give it a good sanding with 80 grit sand paper to leev the surface well ruff something for the pant to key on to and the next tip is where rubber gloves to keep your finger prints off and the next tip is wame the parts to be panted not hot just wame the pant will flow beater right pics
I like the colour BobThumbsupThumbsupThumbsupThumbsupThumbsupThumbsup
that's the under cote Smiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenana lol no thats the top cote
What type of paint did you use Bob? Enamel?

Hi Bob , that looks like a good solid old style Black & Decker type tool, they dont make them like that now , It should be like new once you have finished with it Graemlin

Cheers Mick.
yep it shod be as far as the pant goes its enamel i got sum tins of pant given of peter they where old dated 1973 but still OK me sis got most of them as she is into of all things garden gnomes any way their was 6 tins of gray so i put them all in one larger tin will have to get the brand name of me sis all i can say it smells haw pant ones smelt not like this modern stuff all i need to put it all back together is two new Bering's and that's when i fawned out Wat was wrong yep one of the Bering's had bin slipping as they are to Small the Bering No is 6202z which is a metric size and on a thing this age it chud be inch on the motor shaft has bin knurled to fit the Bering and their has bin two selves made in the end casing it fit the OD of the Bering and when i got a good look at it the right hand side has bin spinning nothing a bit of Bering fit wont put right
Nice work Bob.
hi all last bit i got sum new bearings and put it back to gather and she is running brill pics

I've got the same grinder, except I repainted mine in hammered gold. Do you have the end covers Bob, there are some, the really early ones that didn't have end plates, apparently if it's got little 1/8"th holes in the edge of the cast wheel guards it should have the end plates, mine were there but rough, they took a couple of hours with a hammer and dolly to get right, now you couldn't tell they were ever bent.

Mine came as a lump of dust and muck in a pile of old cracked flat drive leather belts and other dross, the guys that used to work for me thought I was nuts bothering with it;

First they said "it'll never run",
Then they said "it's not worth cleaning",
Next it was "it's just too old",
then"Why paint it"

Now they say "Can I borrow it"

Best Regards
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