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Full Version: height gage refit
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hi all i was given a height gage at the week end that needed my loving touch SOS not many pics as i was well in to riping this a part haw it works you press in the two bronze buttons to move the slide up or dawn then with the thumb wheel on the bottom to fine tune it you will see that in the pics all the numbers and markings needed re panting no pics of this bit but with a fine point i scraped out all the old pant and rust then i spared it with black pant once the pant was hard i then sanded the pant off to leave the numbers re panted then Buffy up with brasso and put it all back to gather i need to mack a scribe foot and d.t.i clamp and a tach a magnifier it never had one fitted but i shod be able to mack something up right pics
Graemlin As usual Bob , it looks a dam site better in the last photos compared to the first photos......... another item that will be giving good service for another few years now Big Grin

Cheers Mick.
next it needs a box to live in

That is a very interesting height gauge - I've not seen one with a column like that before.
hi did a bit more on it tonight i marked out on a peace of 5mm gage plat the scribing blade i then cut it out and filed it to shape then brazed in apiece of tungsten for the scribe foot will post a pic of the foot tomorrow but her is the rest