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Full Version: Blacksmith made hammer head
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Well as there are no posts in the Blacksmithing section I thought I would get it started with this find at a car boot sale, The hammer head looks to be hand forged but never finished or used, it was covered in heavy rust so has been steeped in battery acid which has left it with a surface that looks like cast but its just from the pitting off the rust. You can see the facets from the hammer blows and the way the shaft hole has been done by splitting the blank then widening out I think ?
Anyway hope it is of intrerest........... the ball pein end looks too thin on the neck part so I wonder if this is why it did not get finished ?

[Image: Panasonic1stphotos061.jpg]

[Image: Panasonic1stphotos060.jpg]

[Image: Panasonic1stphotos058.jpg]

[Image: Panasonic1stphotos056.jpg]

[Image: Panasonic1stphotos054.jpg]

It looks like it was never finished so I wonder if someone maybe ended up at this stage too far off the intended shape they wanted and gave up ? interesting find anyway.
Cheers Mick
I like that, Mick. Always good to see what someone tried to accomplish. I made my sons each a rock hammer many years ago. Took about three hours to punch through each one with the little blower I was using on my coal forge. Hope they still have them.
looks like a tinsmith's hammer