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Full Version: ball turner for a compact 8
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hi all well i have seen Meany different types of ball turner so i decided to mack one for me lathe the base plat is 12mm by 80 by 250 i marked off the center and drilled 10.1mm then countersunk to tack a m10 countersunk bolt i then had a rut for a Bering i will post the No of it its a double shielded Bering most of the ones that i have looked at just pivot on a center pin or on the base itself did not like that so mine is getting mounted on a Bering i made a retainer to hold the Bering to the plat then started work on the tool holder bit got a lump of rusty bar by it time i had cleaned it up it ended up being 48mm OD i drilled out the bottom 17mm deep then started to bore the base out it will have to be steeped 12mm deep for the Bering and 4.5 mm for the Bering retainer once this was dun i did sum simple dividing marked the out side with felt Pen went in 6mm from the bottom edge and put a line all the way round then with a Peace of plastic under one of the jaws of the chuck scribed a line a cores the center line then moved the plastic and turned the chuck to the next jaw and put the plastic back under and scribed a Cross the center linen so i ended up with 4 divisions equal spaced then thees where drilled and tap for m3 grub screws then sawed the top off right pics
Graemlin Hi Bob , looks good so far Worthy ,I look forward to seeing progress reports, keep up the good work .

Cheers Mick
hi well i did a bit more i finished of the top then i cheated i gave the part to the other grand dad as he has a mill to mill the slot for me and drill the holes for the grub screws which i taped out to m5 then i cut the bottom plate dawn to 100mm which is the same with as the Cross slide then went over the top of the plate with me belt sander then i marked off the plate for the fixing bolts drilled them out to 6.2mm then i made up 4 t nuts i have sum m6 sqer nuts that fit in the t slots i silver soldered them to lengths of m6 stainless steel studding that i had kept of cutting m6 bolts dawn i put the holder back on to the plat and checked all was OK then i removed me chuck and fitted a mt sleeve 3 to a 2 to fit me 2 mt center which is tipped i have a 3 mt center but this wood not reach the tool holder i marked up the tool holder and fitted it in to its holder then with the tip of the center i marked the height of the tool holder then before cutting the extra length off i marked the top up for m2 cap heads and drilled 1.6mm then i cut that bit off then i cut just above the mack on the tool post then mounted back up in the 4 jaw chuck and machined the top dawn to the mack then glued the top on to a Peace of scrap then machined it dawn to 3mm thick right pics
Looking very nice Bob, it wont be long until every gadget in your shop has a shiny new ball end on it Rotfl

Cheers Mick

I like your tailstock condom. 6799

lol well its off a tube of jelly beans champagne corks are best
Oooh forgot to say Bob ..................... domed nuts DroolDroolWorthy

Cheers Mick
Looking good Bob
Very well "rounded"
hi all last bit i stuck on the top to the tool holder and spotted the holes for the m2 cap heads then tapped them once this was dun i mawnted me angel bracket to me Cross slide then clamp me tool holder to it for milling out of the 3mm slot by 2.5 mm deep for the cutting tool SOS no pics of that bit i then put the top back on and put a angel on the tool holder i then cut a length of the 3mm tool steel for the cutting tool and put a cutting face on it then i made the handle me handle goes on to the tool holder and not the rotating body as i cud see their may be a safety issue this handle ma be permanent or thrown in the bin a length of m6 threaded rod a dried up felt tip pen and a ball the inner diameter of the pen was bigger than 6mm and the ball had a m8 thread in so i mixed up sum epoxy glued the 6mm rod in to the ball and then put the remainder of the epoxy in to the pen which i left standing strata up once the epoxy had gone hard i drilled it out 6.1 then put it on to the rod then cut the threaded rod to length then fitted it and wile me first ball is not spot on i think its OK right pics
Nicely done Bob. Graemlin

That's going to be a useful tool for you. I've had one on my project list for quite awhile now.

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