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Full Version: a compound slide refit
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hi all well as sum of you no my compact 8 was missing its compound slide and i had modified a one of a myford to fit. well having a workshop vised from mick IE micktoon he thinks that he new where their was one Thumbsup any way after sum emails i picked it up from john's IE doubieboost and i was over the moon as it fits my lathe so her is the refit so fare its a emco one all in all in good order just needed my loving touch striped it dawn and gave it a repaint the three jib screws Will be replaced as will the nuts and i will be making two new handles for the feed and i fitted a toothed belt on to the mane body see pic i then did the graduations on the top slide and on the bottom ring for angels this my tip on the job in hand don't clean off the rings leve the muck on concentrate on removing the muck from the numbers and the markings i do this with a needle in a pin chuck the reason for leaving the rust on the rings them selves is 1 the pant wont stick to it and 2 you is only removing a minimal a mount of metal if you clean the ring before panting when you cume to remove the pant you is also removing metal and if the markings are worn then you is making it harder to reed them the pant i used is car spray pant right sum pics
next bit i was given a emco quick change tool post from jb3cx IE peter this wood not fit the myford slide but will fit the new one the first thin i had to do was mack a new tool post bolt i mad this out of 20mm OD silver steel the bottom had to be 15.5mm by 4.5 deep then the shaft 8mm OD by 65mm long from the bottom of the shoulder then the top have taped m8 25mm dawn then i had to mack a sparser to fit the quick change tool post as the center hole is 11.5 then opens out to 20mm at the bottom drilled 7.8 then went threw with a 8mm reamer the mane tool post bolt it held in place with a 3mm role pin that's one of them pins with a split in it so i made the adapter to fit on to this pin as well once that was dun i made a washer for the top with a m8 flanged nut but i will be making a new one the one i made is 23mm OD well their is plenty of room for a 25mm OD and 2.5mm thick right pics
Thanks Bob, interesting post, and happy for you that you got the correct one.
Hi Bob , looks like you are getting to grips with the project, it wont be long until its looking new and all up and working Big Grin , It will quick change tool holders you will be making next and a milling slide Smile Then there will be no stopping you Smiley-dancenana
Cheers Mick.
hi all thanks for the comments i did a bit more tonight i made two new handles up out of stainless steel and mad them rotate to first thing was to set me bevel gage to the taper of the original handles once this was dun i then moved my compound slide to match the gage put sum 10mm stainless steel in me chuck and of we go once the taper was made i then drilled the center out to 5mm then drilled 6.5mm by 6mm deep then cut it off once the two had bin dun i then made the center pin this was made out of m6 hex bar i turned dawn the top 15mm dawn to 5mm then drilled and tap it for m3 then cut it off then the opposite end was taken dawn to leave a 5mm nut then taken dawn to 4mm then a 4mm die was used to mack the threads then two end caps was made to go on the ends once they where put together you will get the jist when you see the pics

Quality Bob , Quality Drool , that whole area of the lathe will look brand new once you have finished with it Big Grin.
Keep up the good work Bob

Cheers Mick.
hi dun a bit more this time on the quick change post itself this is like brand new but it has two Pisces of rubber that aced like springs well with age they are not springy no more so i have sum urethane rubber a lot denser and springier so first job drill a 8.2 mm hole in the middle then as its a round Peace cut it ruffly to size witch is 10mm then sand it dawn to that thickens then cut 5mm off the top then sand the top of the next bit then cut that off at 5mm thick then i got a Peace of brass it dus not need to be brass it was just handy with a flat edge then i put sum double sided tap on to the brass then stuck the two peaces on to it to sand dawn to 3mm thick as the originals is 3mm then had a test fit too thick i had to tack it dawn to 2mm mutch better the other thing that need sorting is a new t nut as i don't like the amount of slop their is in the original one i made a start on the base plat to as luck has it i had a peace of gage plate all ready 100mm a Cross and its 125 long may have to cut the length of it its 14.5 mm thick well o marked the center then marked out the two circle's and that's as far as i have got so fare right pics
Graemlin Well done Bob , that orange rubber reminds me of scateboard wheels, I am looking forward to seeing the base plate getting done Big Grin

Cheers Mick Smiley-eatdrink004
well its all most their i made new jig screws then started on the base plate the plate was 20mm to long so i cut it of then driest the end off in the lathe then i piked up the center for the indexing wheel drilled it out with the biggest drill i have which is a 24mm then set to with the boring bar their is two steps on the in side one is for the slide Base the other is for the ring the ring depth is 4.5mm thick the depth of the hole that it fits in to was Bord out to 4.3mm just a nufe for it to clamp and not to distort the base clamp all is left to do is drill the 4 fixing holes and notch the plate for the nuts to go on hope to get this dun tomorrow as I'm off in to hospital on Monday for me hart op so won't be posting for a bit right pics
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