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Full Version: Woodcarving a pointer dog
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Good evening all.
I have started the latest woodcarving project its a pointer dog pointing, I have copied from a project in a book which I think is an English pointer but I am adapting it to be a German Wirehaired Pointer if all goes to plan, it is being carved from Lime wood again.
It was first drawn out then band sawed from the blank of wood, then drilled and fret sawed where the gaps are between the legs etc. I have then carved with gouges , then microplaned then rasped and sanded to reach the rough shape.
The photos show the progress so far, now it will be a case of keep checking what it looks like from various angles and carving more and more away until it reaches a stage where more fine detail can be added once the over all shape is correct......still plenty to do yet !

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques047.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques049.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques051.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques052.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques055.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques059.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques061.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques062.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques065.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques066.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques067.jpg]

[Image: WoodcarvingpointerdogPlaques070.jpg]

Its getting late so not too much text to go woth the photos but I will put more in my next update,
Cheers Mick.
looking good mick
Cheers Bob , I forgot to mention the size of the carving last night.
This carving will be about say 7 inches long x 5 inches high x 4 inches wide roughly, the base is all part of the carving this time and should look like the dog is standing in rough grass.
I will post a few photos of my dog who is a German Wirehared Pointer to give people an idea of what one looks like, they are called Deutsch Drahthaar in Germany from what I can gather. They are not a very common dog in the UK compared to the German Shorthaired pointer. They are HPR breed , that's Hunt , Point and Retrieve dogs so will point at game , hunt it down if shot but not killed and retreive it back..well that's the theory anyway, Otto has a habit of point, hunt, catch kill and eat. They are very clever loyal and robust dogs but need lots of running and outdoor type life really.

Here are a few photos of him pointing, these photos are a few years old now, it looks like he is left handed here but he does point with both feet.

This is general idea of the rough coat , he does not have as much beard and bushy eye brows as some. This style of point stance is more of a waiting to see where I will throw something.
[Image: ottopoint2.jpg]

This is a good point for game , when you see him locked on like this its 100% something is in that long grass or bush, he will stand for 10 minutes if you let him.
[Image: Mamscamera267.jpg]

This bottom point photo is a 'maybe still in there' stance but a rabbit may now be down its hole or moved away leaving some scent.
[Image: hedgepoint.jpg]

I have been laid low with a cold or could be man flu today so nothing more done to the carving.

Cheers Mick.
Very nice Mick. If he'll point for ten minutes, you could actually get some carving done with a live subject. ;)

My father in law had a Brittany that would point and if the bird (grouse) got nervous and flushed. he would go airborne and try to snag it. You never wanted to shoot too quickly when hunting with "Bo". I actually saw him catch a grouse once.

That is going to be a "belter" carving
I am pleased to have seen Otto in real life
Cheers John and Tom, Otto is sure a character. The fact he will point for ten minutes does in no way mean he would do it when you want him to Tom , lol , soon as he see's you want a photo he stops playing whatever he is doing really. I have seen him creep up to say one foot from a pheasant and go ridgid pointing , he is looking at the bird and the bird looking at him both in a trance not wanting to make the first move this has went on for ages until I move and 'break the spell' soon as one flinches the bird flys and he jumps in.
When he was younger he caught lots of rabbits and pheasants as you mention need to take a gun out lol, My Black Lab would see Otto pointing and rush in and grab the prey too knowing there was something there right in front of the point.........Sadly I lost Pete my lab over a year ago and Otto has quietened down since. They have both been as good as any terrier at rat catching too !
I will do a post on men and their hounds soon as it seems that machines and dogs go together to me Big Grin

Cheers Mick
Max, our late lamented Viszla would point, retrieve and eat (to the horror of some onlookers) so I can fully empathise with Otto on this one Blush

A few weeks before he died we were away in West Sussex at Slindon walking across fields to the pub, and he put up some partridge. The pointing went by the way, and he was leaping hedges at least 6 foot tall - a magnificent sight. Fortunately no farmers with shot guns were around at the time Yikes

I have managed to get some more done to the pointer carving, its been hard trying to make it look like a German Wirehaired Pointer rather than just a pointing type dog in general and it might not end up looking like one yet but this is what stage its up to now. There has been lots of delicate carving , filing and sanding and its starting to get there.

[Image: Apronampdogcarving2018.jpg]

[Image: Apronampdogcarving2020.jpg]

[Image: Apronampdogcarving2021.jpg]

[Image: Apronampdogcarving2026.jpg]

The photos have not come out very well I think I have the camera left on the wrong light setting ? , I will check before taking the next shots.
There is still lots of tricky bits to do to get final detail done and also I am not sure of the best way to do the base, its really meant to look like the dog is standing in rough grass hence the bottoms of its legs going into the ground.
I willnot get back to it for a few days now so hopefully will see it with 'fresheyes' when I look at it again ans spot what needs doing better .
Cheers Mick.
Beautiful work Mick Worthy
(02-18-2014, 07:12 PM)Micktoon Wrote: [ -> ]...
The photos have not come out very well I think I have the camera left on the wrong light setting ? , I will check before taking the next shots.
Cheers Mick.


Your shutter speed is too slow if you're hand holding the camera. If you don't already have one, buy a tripod and use it when the lighting isn't so good. You could also up the ISO setting but you may end up with too much noise since you're already at ISO 400. A tripod is a good investment if you plan on taking lots of pictures.

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