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Full Version: Dewalt 18 volt bandsaw
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I just used it for the second time yesterday, I got it for Christmas but because of the long winter it hasn't been used much. The saw cuts straight and doesn't slow down, it's motor never changes pitch.. I'm really happy with this tool. I cut the 3/4" solid bar in just a bit over three seconds, I don't think my Milwaukee could cut it any faster. Yester day it went through 3/4 pipe like it a stick of warm butter. It's easier to use then the Milwaukee because it' so much lighter and compact. It's maximum cut is 2 1/2" which is larger than 2" pipe.
Handy saw to have. Thumbsup
Sure beats a hacksaw. Smile
Hello, lads.
Fairly new to MWF.  Really enjoy the posts.
At first, I sorta thought a site on "metal equals fun " would be like reading a tax return guide.
Oh how wrong was I?! Slaphead
Rather enjoy all the terrific info and humour.
I had no real reason to purchase a Dewalt 18v circular saw, other than it was on sale.
Finally ripped a 2"x something on the fly.
Worked great!  Quiet, efficient.
Anyone try the foxtail 18v?  Just curious.

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