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Full Version: Coke Forge Build
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Evening Chaps Big Grin

Thought you maybe interested in a wee project I have just started , I got fed up with sorting out the shop so I decided to stick a few bits of tin together and build a coke forge ,its something I have been meaning to build for years now .

I have a ruff idea of what I want but for the most I am just winging it ,to suit materials at hand . I started by cutting up a bit 3/8 plate to be the bottom
of the hearth .

[Image: P1070959_zpsd8f879e4.jpg]
[Image: P1070962_zps583a5de4.jpg]

This done I could work out what I needed to make the stand , this is from recycled materials .

[Image: P1070964_zps61e93368.jpg]

The black gear was an old battery change over stand I ruffly cut up and stuck in my van to get it home , it yielded enough 50 x 50 x 3 box to make the stand .

[Image: P1070968_zpsbb6ccc9b.jpg]

This was then promptly stuck together .

[Image: P1070970_zps0003c1f6.jpg]
[Image: P1070973_zps538e8331.jpg]

To form the stand .

[Image: P1070975_zpscf1b3bec.jpg]

Then I cut and welded the side onto the 3/8 plate to form the hearth .

[Image: P1070979_zps212a36ab.jpg]

Not as far along as I wanted to be , but its still progress .

Time for a curry and a few beers me thinks 5176

That should last for some time before it burns out
Nice welds Rob. Thumbsup

(07-20-2014, 02:44 PM)EdK Wrote: [ -> ]Nice welds Rob. Thumbsup

I thought they looked a bit "dry" RotflRotflRotflRotflRotfl
Its looking good so far Rob, nice to see some posts again too Big Grin . a good use for the old box section. Is that the stand from your wood lathe outside ?
I am looking forward to seeing the thing in action DroolDrool

Cheers Mick.
well dun rob [/b]
Hi Rob
Good to see you are around
I've missed reading about your projects
very few I can duplicate with a 130A MIG
and only a fraction of your welding skills



Cheers for looking in Lads Smiley-eatdrink004

Hi Mick its the old stand I made for that 3 in 1 sheet metal machine. I am going to recycle it into a stand for the fly press Popcorn

Hi there John good to see you drop by Smile



A bit more progress , hearth nearly done just needs a hole cutting for the fire pot , which I still have to make.

[Image: P1070983_zps13315b76.jpg]
[Image: P1070980_zpsf0a48f16.jpg][Image: P1070984_zpsccb571e6.jpg]

Cheers RobPopcorn
Hi Rob , looks like you managed to get a bit more done anyway, it will be starting to get a bit heavy now, are you planning on having it movable or just fixed in one spot once its done ?.
Cheers Mick.
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