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Full Version: oil pump refit
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hi i got this of a machine they where scraping at work just needed my loving touch will have to source a 12 volt or a 240 volt motor as the one fitted is 110 striped it right dawn to get rid of the rust and put it back together pics
Hi Bob, looks like it will be handy bit of kit, is the motor that little thing with the green sticker on it ? or is that part of the pump ?
I might have a small motor 240V, let me know what its got to be like and I will have a root about.
Cheers Mick
hi yep thats it
I've got a 240 to 120 xfmr here but it'd prolly cost more than it's worth to get it to you.
thanks for the offer stevec i have sorest one from city electrics for £5.99