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Full Version: Simple project, dimple die
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I built this dimple die from a couple pieces of scrap aluminium I had. I cut both angles to 45 degrees, took about 20-30 minutes at the lathe and works great on the thin gauge aluminum sheet I needed it for. I plan to make a few more from 4140 and harden them but I think the aluminium will stand up to a few hundred holes or more.

[Image: image.jpg]
Looks good - what are you making that needs the re-inforcement ?
Thanks, it's actually more for aesthetics than re-enforcement. I need to build a couple of small enclosures for my flight sim build and the dimpled holes have a very aviation look to them. I'm also considering making wing ribs for an RC plane from aluminium. They would be cutout on my cnc and lighting holes added.

We don't doubt you for a minute but some of us (maybe me) don't know what the application/ end result is. 17428
Took me a minute to understand what you were asking Steve. The die is used to press/form the 45 degree flange into the holes in the aluminium sheet.