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Full Version: Tooling Cabinets - restoration
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Those are so beautiful they deserve butcher block tops!

As for collet racks, I'd try to fit drawer slides and make the collet racks so they can be pulled out to reach the ones in the rear.
(08-20-2014, 09:56 AM)Micktoon Wrote: [ -> ]anyway the world is too grey in general so green is more cheerful and classy :thumbup:
Cheers Mick.
Yeah I agree,
Beautiful job ThumbsupWorthy


(08-20-2014, 09:56 AM)Micktoon Wrote: [ -> ]Rob
I panelwiped them off before the green paint as I thought there might have been a large R.W daubed on in Mcdonalds burger grease Rotfl

Cheers Mick.

Foiled Big Grin it was actually a large Phallus Big Grin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bob made me RotflRotflRotflRotflRotflRotfl

Looking good mate ,,,new they would Popcorn

Creat job mate just the colour is hideousYikes
You have no idea what "strapped for space means"Smiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenana
Fantastic job Mick
Really nice, and they will not look better full of tools.

Great job on the cabinets.
(08-20-2014, 08:18 PM)Shawn Wrote: [ -> ]Really nice, and they will not look better full of tools.


I'm sorry Shawn but I must disagree with you on this. Filled with tools and in my workshop would improve the look of them no end Big Grin
I have moved onto the next stage of the cabinets, the shelves , which looked not bad until I looked harder, various faults on them some needed shims to tighten up the swing out part so it would not drop when opened , general bent edges etc to be knocked out, the two heavier shelves both had the tabs that stop them swinging too far back into the cabinet snapped off so welded some new stronger tabs on them two.

You can see the tab on the thinner shelf at the top of the photo but the wider shelves both had these missing, so I cut two bits of plate to make replacements and welded them on beofre starting to prepare for painting.

[Image: Cabinetshelves002.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetshelves003.jpg]

Most of shelves were finsihed in black crinkle finish paint that was scraped and flaking off on all the front faces, three of them were silver hammer finish that was also coming off, 13 shelves in total to do( 13 unlucky for some , aye me the mug that had the tedious job of preparing these loll ). I hit the flaking bits with a grinder with soft flap wheel type disc on then went over with a DA sander. Took more doing than you would think as fiddly to hold etc. Eventually they were all clean sanded and de greased.

[Image: Cabinetshelves005.jpg]

I was then deciding how to paint them ? due to the frame like nature it was putting me off spraying as too much paint misses the object , you have to keep moving them about etc and lots of mess, I decided to brush some of the areas and then do the rest with small roller. This was a job that you wish you had an apprentice you could get to do. I painted them with two pack primer, so after a good while they looked like this.

[Image: Cabinetshelves006.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetshelves007.jpg]

I have decided I will spray the black on as could not go through all the brushing again lol thats a job for tomorrow .

Cheers Mick.
Well I have got the shelves done , I sprayed them with Cellulose satin finish black, I had some , it dries fast and is not too messy. I turned the pressure down and closed the fan pattern up and they were not as bad to do as I thought, still fiddly to turn over etc, anyway this is them painted .

[Image: Cabinetsandshelvespainted002.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsandshelvespainted003.jpg]

Once dry I have put the shelves back in , mainly so they are not lying about. I have put them back in not spaced out in the final places, I am going to fill one with all the tooling for the bridgeport so will have to see what needs to fit in and then make some wod shelf incerts with fixtures to hold the chucks and collets etc. Any advice or photos of what others have found to work out well are welcome.
This is the cabinets done except for the shelf incerts and the plywood tops.

[Image: Cabinetsandshelvespainted026.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsandshelvespainted027.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsandshelvespainted028.jpg]

[Image: Cabinetsandshelvespainted029.jpg]

Cheers Mick
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