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Full Version: Hot Metal Bashers
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This may be of interest to some folk.

Retired Hot metal Basher.
Thanks, Trevor (and welcome) That hammer looked a tad heavy for her wrist and arm, I'm not surprised she went for the massage.
Hello Stevec
You are the same age as me!
Thank you for the welcome.
I do admire the Ladies that succeed in Smithying whether Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Coppersmith, or Silversmith, ( there used to be many more but seem to gone out of fashion )they have a unique way with there skills.
Love em to bits.
Ps I have been a member of MadModers for some time. Great Crew!
No Trevor YOU are the same age as I! Rotfl
So very true Stevec
I was hoping to go to this but it's a bit spendy for me, £15 a day plus £15 for each master class session.
BTW, you fellows who love ladies that have blacksmithing skills would get along great with a member here, allescence (a.k.a. Jennifer.) Not only is she a top-notch blacksmith, she's a farrier (her main business) and one of the best weldors I've ever seen working.

Just don't EVER try hitting on her though, she'd take you down in a hurry. She's bigger and stronger than me, and I'm 5'10" and 205lbs.
Hello Pixman
Sounds a nice lady.
I have the Honer to have a great Grandmother that was a Blacksmith (Daughter of a foundry owner her mother also a Blacksmith) She married my Great Grandfather also a Blacksmith.
At the time many of their Male cousins were chain makers, and female cousin fusee chain makers.
As I am sure we all know the difference between a Blacksmith and a Farrier, although they both were often in the same Smithy shop.
Both a seven year Apprenticeship.
Best to all Smiley-eatdrink004
Is Jen still active here Ken? I've not seen/heard from her in some time. Please say hello to her from me next time you see her.
(08-14-2014, 01:18 AM)trevatxtal Wrote: [ -> ]This may be of interest to some folk.

Retired Hot metal Basher.

I enjoyed the video trevatxtal, thanks Smile