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Full Version: Vintage 12" Delta disk sander
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Here's the first 2 vids of my sander restore. I am going to need some help in figuring out how to make new trunnion clamps for it. I will post the next step shortly about the actual trunnion clamp issue, but here's the first 2 vids if anyone is interested.

I got this sander for $30 of kijiji and only had to drive 5km to get it.

[Image: sander_1.jpg]

The second part where I have started to think about the trunnion clamps.

[Image: sander_1.jpg]
This is the trunnion clamp I cannot get and need to make.

[Image: hlDTD1LJJ-fpxrfX6eNQOZxtikatsTssmWuZI-2CswI=s250-no]

Two thoughts come to mind:

1) Make it in single pieces on the mill, get a boring head and/or a dovetail cutter and do it on the rotary table.

2) Get a disk, mount it on a faceplate and to the lathe, cut the profile and then get a few pieces out of it and sell some to recover costs.

I know I am being vague about the two methods, it's just that I have not figured it out yet.
Looks like a fun project Steve. Of course if it's a Delta it'll need an appropriately tinted coat of gray.

That trunnion is definitely a rotary table project. I doubt there would be much call for extra copies.