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Full Version: Finished my drill press stand
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I have been working on this press stand for a few days now. It's for my new RIKON 1/3 HP 8" DP. This small DP is going to sit next to my computer desk, it's foot print isn't that big that it will be in the way.

I also bought a new rotating movable jaw 3" Shopfox vise and a set of NEIKO step drills for it, both were around $30 apiece. After reading what others had to say about NEIKO's step drill set I figured I would give them a try, they won't be used that often and the price was right. . The 1/2" bit right through the baking pan under the DP and the holes were drilled as clean as a whistle.

Tomorrow the paint should be dry and the stink hopefully gone so I can bring it inside.

Now it's on to finish the tractors digital warning lights. I have them working but they won't flash properly because they require a digital flasher module. I have to take a few panels off to get to the flasher module. I just hope it's not going to be a bear to get to. Smile

The leaves are changing around here, It's not to early to start putting things up for winter. Summers seem to go by so quickly, I don't mind fall but winter temps are getting harder for me to deal with.

I'm Kind of tired so I shove off for now. Smile
Nice stand. I like the baking pan, I bought a full size pan to fit under my bench mill that will eventually serve the same purpose.
Thanks Steve, I think pans are good ideas too. I left room in front to have a shelf for setting tools and drills on. I find sometimes it hard for me to visualize what an idea is going to turn out to be like, I have been surprised more times than I want to remember, but in this case I'm satisfied.
That looks very good, Smiley-signs107
Thanks Dave, It's something I've been wanting to build for long time, finally got around to doing it... The grand kids always bring there broken toys to me to fix, this will make the repairs more strong and lasting... with some epoxy, super glue and my assortment of small electrical screws from Radio Shack I'll be able to take on all their broken toys. Big Grin
hi and a job well dun
(08-22-2014, 05:09 AM)krv3000 Wrote: [ -> ]hi and a job well dun

Thanks krv3000 for the compliment.

My legs are getting worse, having a small DP along side the computer desk for small repairs will save me the pain of having to walk up and down stairs to get to the shop.

I was going to buy a HF 8" DP but by the time I paid for gas to travel to the nearest HF store or paid shipping I would have paid around the same thing as I paid for the Rikon which has a stronger motor. I gave $109 for it delivered free to our Sears store, a 30 mile round trip. The DP's handle is cast iron which surprised me. The machines castings look nice and it's table moves smoothly up and down on the column, it doesn't seem to have excessive vibration or be very noisy, the JT 33 1/2" chuck looks to be a OK and run out just by looking seems to be very little, overall I'm happy with it. Thumbsup


Smiley-signs107 Tackit

I do like how mobile your DP is ,I can see that feature coming in handy at times . Any plans for the space below the DP ,drill storage rack maybe ?