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Full Version: tailstock re fit
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hi all i got a spear tailstock for me lathe my tailstock the Morse taper was well chewed up even after ruining a No2 Morse taper reamer dawn it but the replacement one sum one had filed the end where the handle fits on to plus where the bronze bush runs on the shaft had warn in to the shaft so this needed putting rite before i go any further i had to mack up a drive dog then set it up between centers and turned it dawn to 8.5mm the original diameter was 10mm ones this was dun i made a silver steel bush 8.5mm hole with a 10mm OD to fit over the end i marked out whet the key went and cut it out with a cutting disk on me dermal then i used Behring fit to lock the bush on to the shaft then finished off cutting the key way cleaned all the old pant off the body and gave it a cote of red pant right pics
Nicely done BobDroolDroolDrool
nice job.

Bob, are you saying you cut that Woodruff keyseat by hand with a Dremel? Nicely done indeed.
Graemlin Hi Bob , I like the drive dog idea, its looking smart are you still going to make it cam lock type ?

Cheers Mick.
hi hawkeye yep made the first cut with one cutting disc so i cud line it up with watt was left of the key way in the shaft then put 4 cutting discs on to the arbor then with a stone dresser dressed them dawn to the diameter of the key then with the shaft in the vice just feed the cuting disc in its up in the air at the moment mick i wood have to machine the bolt hole flat to give me the height clearance but this will leve the base where the bolt gos threw rather thin i have seen a other type that uses two cam washers to lock the tale stock but will still need to machine the base of the tale-stock