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Full Version: borescope repar
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hi all not to many pics in this one i got it from the boot sale for £2 as it was not working the problem was the plastic lens cover had become badly scratched i tired all that i have to repair the lens but without any joy so the lens is held in by the outer aluminum sleeve rolld over so this was filed off out pops the lens SOS no pics of that bit behind the cover was a o ring with sum sort of sealant had a bit think as to watt to replace the lens with came up with a old glass lens off a broken vernier covered both sides with masking tape then put the old lens on then went round it with a pencil then with a diamond cutting disk in me dermal cut it out ruff then finished off with a diamond file then refitted it with the o ring with sum silicon bath salient then put it to one side for it to go hard once the silicon had gone off i made a sleeve to go over the top with a rolld edge did this by placing the tube over a 9.8 drill and taping the top edge over then with sum two part epoxy glued it on to the front you will get the jist with the pic i cud have just left it the way it was but with this in place it gives sum protection to the lens right pics
Good fix , Bob I hope you dont have any medical uses planned for it Big Grin

Cheers Mick
all Will say is when its got its SD card fitted it will record so don't fall a sleep over mine or we may end up with a you tube vid of Wat lives in strange places in the human body
I wont be falling asleep or bending over to pick anything you drop off the floor now Bob Yikes
Cheers Mick
Neat fix Bob Graemlin