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Full Version: Manus Vacuum Pump
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This turned up today
Sadly it is seized
Starting to strip it down
It will make a good companion for my Lister
[Image: S1100061_zps155d4bf6.jpg]

[Image: S1100059_zps4b76e358.jpg]

[Image: S1100057_zps67f24cfb.jpg]

[Image: S1100058_zpsabd66565.jpg]

[Image: S1100060_zps93f329ca.jpg]

What are you going to use it for John?

(09-15-2014, 03:47 PM)EdK Wrote: [ -> ]What are you going to use it for John?


I will be showing the engine and pump at steam gatherings
I could use it to "suck" tin cans flat
It was used for milking cows JawdropJawdrop
It looks a fine beast John , I bet its nice and light to lift on your bench too is it Rotfl
Hope its nothing serious making it be seized.
Cheers Mick.
Looks like a fun project John. How about some pics of the Lister? I tried to find one over here a few years ago, but at the time they were pretty much non-existant in the states.

nice john wont tack to mutch to free it off
Starting to look the part now
[Image: S1110011_zpseaa0587a.jpg]

[Image: S1110012_zpse0ac73c5.jpg]

[Image: S1110013_zps01534094.jpg]


Looking good mate  Thumbsup

Did I leave my cup in your shop   Chin

It was in the kitchen Mate
Can I borrow your hammer mould


Aye nee bother mate , you going to do video ? Mick has loads of Lead .

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