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Full Version: Posting so I can't procrastinate
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With winter coming I should be getting more time in my shop. I've had the old camel back drill press for a couple of years now and it's complete but needs some cleaning and a quick inspection to make sure its all working properly. A friend on another site sent me the lower cone that I was missing free of charge and it's finally time to get this thing operational. I will have to build a cage to hold the step pulley and motor and get a leather belt made. I have no need for such a large drill but it's really to cool to be an ornament just sitting in the corner.

[Image: image.jpg]

If you don't see progress you have my permission to kick me in the butt Big Grin


If I had one of those I would definitely use it. I'd set it up for slow drilling jobs such as using hole saws or stirring paint...
Any idea how old it is?
I had to use a plasma torch to cut out two holes in some 3x3" square pipe the other day and this drill would have been perfect for that, so I guess I could find a use or two for it. As far as I can tell it's probably from 1905-1910, for the life of me I can't remember where I came up with that number but it was a result of reseach and question asking on the net. For a drill press that's over 100 years old it's sure in nice shape and built like a brick poophouse. 4 speeds on the belt as well as a back gear for a total of 8 speeds and has a 4 speed gear box for the auto downfeed. It was well cared for by someone, the table has some damage but not what one might expect. I did have plans for stripping it down completely and painting it up real pretty but the castings are in such good shape and the finish looks like Japanning but it might be something else entirely. I'll just strip, repair (if necessary) clean and run. I have a 2hp 1725rpm motor that I was going to use, overkill on the hp I know but it's what I got. I also have a number of large pulley's that will look authentic on the drill. Anyone have an idea of the RPM I should be looking to spin the cone pulleys?

good to see old tools getting a second Chance at life
I had the drill strapped on an engine stand so I could move it around easily. Today I cleaned up the shop, reorganized the disfunctional corner where junk got piled and gave the drill a proper place to sit. I now have room to work on the drill so I'm calling this day one of the process to get her running again.

[Image: image.jpg]



Good man Shawn

Good to see that your going to take the time to get that mighty fine old drilling machine up and running. From the photo it looks in cracking condition .


" If you don't see progress you have my permission to kick me in the butt " , always wanted to visit Canada lol