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Full Version: tool post spanner
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hi all i got a new tool post for the compact 8 its a Bison.T00.B ther is two types  the other one is T00.M / M is for miford / B is for boxford they are both the same IE use the same tool holder but the M is 10mm smaler in hight and the tool mawnting hole is for a miford the one for the boxford cums with the fixing bolt so it will go strate on to the boxford top slide  but the compact 8 the toolpost fits on the same way as a miford so rather than mack a bush so it wood fit on the origenel bolt i modifide the bolt that came with the toolpost i had to de harden it to drill and tap m8 and re harden it made a new toolpost bolt for this to fit on to on the top slide once this was dun i had to mack a spanner for the fixing bolt witch is 19MM
i had a rut and got a 19mm 3/4 socet this wood be the start of the spanner had a bit think of ways to atach a lenth of stanles steel rod od of 10MM to the socet came up with this i had a 3/4 drive witch fits in to a cordles drill so i made it fit the socet you will get the drift when you see the pics then i cheeted i don't have a tig at home but i have at work so welded it all up with stanles steel welding rods then a bit of filing and sanding all dun right pics  
As always, Graemlin .

Brill, Bob! Thumbsup

Very nice.
Good job there Bob , a proper handle type socket is better than spanners etc.
  All you need now is someone who has a few holders they no longer need Big Grin  your size................ I bet someone somewhere has some they bought by mistake Chin

  Cheers Mick
Propper job
thanks all
    Hi Bob, your tool post won't work loose with that handle,

                                                                  Cheers David