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Full Version: a taping head refit
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hi well this belongs to john its bin wee basht a bawt and sum one has had a go at making the shaft ni to a jt No2 after a good cleen and figerd out wot gose wher i got it to work propely but the saft is the poroblem it dus not unscruw so i will have to have a meting with john to see witch way we is gowing to put this right enay way her are sum pics for sum reson they have a yelow tint to them  so i have bind most of them will get sum beter ones of the workings tomorow
hi all as promist more pics a part from the shaft the workings are in good order
I have a Buck Versatapper, but I'm not about to take it apart, you are braver than I am.
That looks nice bob
Could always put a 3 morse sleve on to it
hi sos posted on the rong one lol yep that will work will fetch it over for you to weld up