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Full Version: work holding device
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HI rather than just post a pic of one of my holding devises i did a project on it right you will need 1 old drill chuck the sis and type is up to you a threded rod to fit in to the chuck or if the chuck is male a extending rod a old fil handel that will sute the sise of the chuck in this project i made up a handel right are we all in the one that i have made i had part of the shaft that the chuck came from turnd dawn the back of the shaft to 8mm then with a hacsaw i cut gruves in the shaft this will help it to bond with the fil handel if you have a file handel chuck that up and drill a 8.3 mm hole just a bit deper than the lenth of the shaft as i had to mack up a handel i shaped a pece of a old broom handel up and turnd a step for the ferel and drilld it 8.3 mm i had a old drive belt cog that i bord out to fit the handel fit was not that inportont as it will be all glud up with epoxy ritght fill the hole with epoxy and work the shaft in the hole then leev over night for the glue to go off this bit is opshanel but on the one i did i drilld 2.8 then reemd 3mm thruw the coler and shaft and pind all the way thruw thats it job dun rhite pics
Neat idea Krv,

Good idea Bob, nicely shown.
Very useful with the 3 jaw drill chuck, makes it very versatile Smiley-signs107 Smile
I agree. Very useful tool.

Admit it Bob. You just wanted to sneak a little woodworking in on us, didn't you? LOL. Big Grin

I agree, those are handy tools to have. I use the countersink / deburring cutter in mine quite often as well. Smiley-eatdrink004


Hi Bob Big Grin

When you showed me those hand chuck when i visited your shop ,,thought i must make a couple ,,,,,,, came home dug out two chucks from the back of a draw ,1/2 and 3/8 ,, found a couple of UNF bolt that screwed in the backs ,,,,then found i had no handles Slaphead ,,,,,,,,, so plan B ,,, i am going to use hex bar Popcorn

thanks all rob thats a good one to it will stop it from roling off the work bench its the most vertile tool i have made its grat for holding smal parts for polishing


Grabbed 20 minutes in the shop tonight Big Grin
[Image: normal_P1040795.jpg]
I used a bit 1' 1/4" SS hex for the handle ,, using steel for the handle means i can mount it in the bench vice if needs be ,,,,,,,,,,, may make one for the 3/8 chuck tomorrow Popcorn

Cheers for sharing your idea Bob Smiley-signs107

well dun rob never thort of that holding one in a vice