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Full Version: Billy G's Die Filer
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Sophie has been moved to the Nursing Home and is resting comfortably.

This is called the "Fader Line". There is one on each edge. They are "Half-Swirls". They fill in the minute spaces left by the "Swirls" at the edges. Work done right here will pay off three fold in the end.

"Billy G"
I will not be home till late tonight guys. I am celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary with my wife and family at the Nursing Home. Don't wait up, I will be late.  Rotfl

Could not sleep last night I got the edges done around 3:00AM this morning. All is well here.

"Billy G"
Happy anniversary! I'm glad to hear Sophie is doing well. I think the engine turning is a real sharp look, and looks like you are off to a good start.
Happy Anniversary Billy!
I'm so glad for you that you've got Sophie stable and well cared-for, Bill. I've met her and she's a keeper! Obviously, you've known that for at least 45 years!

Great work on the machine, can't wait to see it running. That will be pretty soon from the pace of progress we see.
Happy anniversary Bill and Sophie  
Wishing you both a happy anniversary and many more to come.
Got home at 9:00PM what a fantastic day. Decided to play a little. I can back up ,and fix the last few. If I was using an abrasive I would be stuck with the bad ones.

"Billy G"
how long does it take to do each one?

Don't know I never keep track. That is about an hour or so. 18 Swirls to a row. My guess would be 40-50 seconds for each. Remember they are Burnished in. Takes a little longer than Grit. I just use Honing Oil and a hardwood dowel, no compound. No metal is removed. I was taught this by a Watchmaker some 30 years ago.

"Billy G"
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