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Full Version: D.T.I clamp
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Hi all this is a nuther D.T.I holding device I made this up sum time a go I was given sum warn out linier berings wich i striped dawn and thort they wood make good parelels I used 1 of them to make a D.T.I stand for the tool post the bering was pre drilld with a 4mm thred and a 6mm cawnter bore I had sum 8mm stanles steel that i drilld and taped m4 and fited a m4 stud into it with sum thred lock i then turnd a step on the botom just undre the 6mm cawnter bor i think the pics will help you to see the set up i made sum clamps up out of tufnol then i modifide sum pre nurld nobs for the clamps don't no wher i got them from they had the rong thred in them so i drilld them t0 5mm then taped them m6 then with sum bering fit fited sum m6 stanles steel studing this was left over night then they was drest off then drilld and tapt m4 right pics
Thats simple enough cool...Bob
Nice and versatile Smiley-signs107

I like the Tufnol clamp part Smile