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Full Version: Rod Holder
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I am an avid Cat Fisherman. The big cats start moving here when the Apple Blossoms bloom. I built the Rod Holder this winter to fish my favorite spot. I just have to cork line the other holder, 20 minutes tops.

"Billy G"
Nice rig there Billy! You nearer to the Farmington or Connecticut river?
The Farmington Ken, it's only 3 miles from here. Connecticut is maybe 10 miles from here. The cats we are after are landlocked. Average is 4 lbs. sometimes getting to over 10 lbs. I saw one caught here that topped 20 lbs.

"Billy G"
Bill, what do you do with the "cats" once they're landed?

Cook them up and eat them? Jawdrop


Steve --- I lay up 150 lbs. of catfish in the freezer every year. None make it to the end of the year. It takes quite a few to make up 150 lbs. We eat everything. Soon I will be trapping turtles. I get 6 per year. Then Deer and Wild Turkey. Don't forget a few dozen tree rats and rabbits. Maybe a pheasant or two and Ducks. That pretty much makes up our diets. Big Grin

"Billy G"