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Full Version: Electric chainsaw gear
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Okay, before you jump on me I do have an electric chainsaw, I have 4 gas ones but I admit I also have (or had) an electric one.
My excuse is that when junking up the logs on my rudimentary "processor" there is always the ,
1) Cut
2) turn off and put down chainsaw
3) advance log
4) pick up and re-start chainsaw
5) see (1) and repeat.

With the electric saw, after you cut and release the trigger the saw stops allowing you to set the saw on a nearby surface and then go to step ( 3) immediately followed by step (1).
The bonus is that once the trigger is released the saw can be set on any convenient surface (preferably one that doesn't require
bending down!)

Anyway, my use of an electric chainsaw being justified I'll explain my problem.
The saw stopped moving it's chain.
The following pick shows why.
It also shows that I was able to determine the tooth count and then the Diametral pitch and pressure angle with my gauge.
A further check in my gears drawaer produced this.
So now All I have to do is machine the plastic gear and the steel one to fit each other and I should be back in business
junking this .


To be ready for the splitter.
Don't hold your breath, wife is demanding priorities.


Ed, Help! I tried to edit my first (above) post and the edited version no longer had the pics.
Is there no way to delete one's own posts?
Deleted it for you Steve Thumbsup 
Thanks Dave. I'm not gonna go back and try editing my post again all I wanted to add was that I also had the right gear cutter!


(06-04-2015, 12:20 PM)stevec Wrote: [ -> ]Okay, before you jump on me I do have an electric chainsaw, 

Is it pink?
Weather today is too nice to work in the machine shop but while waiting for a dump truck of fill, I decided to machine the plastic and steel gears so as they'd fit together.

[attachment=10961]      [attachment=10962]

Now I just have to join the plastic to the steel gear. I figure 3 or 4 little Allen screws, or if they don't fit, flat head screws.

Trying the new gear in the saw looks like the mesh isn't too good. Prolly the mix of metric to inch style gears.
We'll see how long it lives. Chin

[attachment=10963]  [attachment=10964]

Once it's re-assembled I'll try it out and only then will I look for the proper PINK paint. Rotfl


Nice fix Steve, it never ceases to amaze my why they have to use a plastic part to save ten cents all the while knowing its going to fail.
Ah yes Greg, but they uncannily calculate the plastic part will last beyond the guarantee!Rant
Admittedly they prolly doubted the saw would junk up about 4 full cord of Oak, Maple & Birch firewood in the space of time I've had it.
Time will tell if I need to find the PINK paint. Rotfl 


Things in the shop have been progressing while I wait for my promised delivery of fill.

Here's a pic of the little Allen head screws That mate the new gear to the plastic web of the old one.


And here's proof of success.


We will see how the fix holds up when I get around to processing the rest of those logs on my  simple

Cool   Thumbsup Smiley-dancenana


Let me just say there ain't nowt wrong with having an electric chain saw .......... I have one Thumbsup 

You did a really good job repairing that plastic gear. Thumbsup Smiley-signs107 
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