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Full Version: Green House
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Look very good Greg Thumbsup 
Do you have a build thread on the Mule?

Green house should look very nice when it's done.

Thanks guys.
Was raining this morning so I made a trip to town and bought a roll of white aluminum flashing to cover the tops of the rafters. Bent a couple and went to check the fit, looked so good I decided to cover the entire outside surface of the beams and posts. Zero maintenance then.

Ya Al must have built it just before you joined.
Thanks!  Interesting thread on the Mule.  

I was talking with a friend who also likes to build stuff.  We agree that having or having access to a good junk pile is crucial.   Thumbsup
The plan was to cap the rafters with aluminum to weather proof them. My brake only handles 4 foot material so they would have to be joined, no problem. Once I got the first few pieces bent it dawned on me, we need to make the exterior of this thing zero maintenance. So over to the neighbour who happens to be a building contractor. He delivered his 10 foot break.
[Image: IMG_1763.jpg]

Should be installing glass tomorrow.
Got the glass installed. Still need to finish the gable ends and build vents.
[Image: IMG_1764.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1765.jpg]
Lookin good and QC seems to accept it so far.
Thanks but she seams to think its a waste of time. Keeps mumbling, thats not food, thats what food eats.
Yeah, not gonna produce meat so she prolly could care less. Especially if you gave her veggies grown there!!
nice job, nice looking place got there.
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