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Full Version: Flip top R8 collect holder wrack
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My next project will be a Flip top R8 collect holder wrack for my new mill.
Brought these parts home on Thursday to do a shop project with my son . He is 17 yo and autistic . We were supposed to start tonight but he was not interested IMO ( all bc Mom says its raining). Anyways fathers day was the first day he spent time in shop as I started to tech him some basics . He learned some safe shop practices, names of tools and how to use the fractional decimal chart. Than how to indicate  as he dialed in new mill,  He than trammed the mill and indicated in vise. He than  took his first cut.  So I figured this would be perfect first real project to teach layout, drill tap, riveting  and assembly.

I wanted to work on something basic with my son to gain his interest for future projects . On Wed I spotted a nice pc of stainless steel that someone gave me not to long ago under my bench.  I was going to make a rotating collet holder but after I noticed the material again on Wednesday that was it .Perfect. So the  next morning   drew up a basic idea from an ole Bridgeport collet rack . After bending the top I then changed the design  on the fly.  The bottom was supposed to have two bends but didnt realize the material was 1/8 thk stainless when I first came up with the original design. . Prob would of used .062 allum or something .  And o boy was I sorry to use stainless when I decided to punch out the holes. The press we have didnt like one inch diam punch 1/8 thk SS . I pushed it too,  had to reinforce  the stripper ( hold down)  to get through the Job.  I had already  layed it out  so did not want to turn back  had 15 min to finish too  ... Lol... I did it that way because it was rotated symmetrically with only 3 shifts and a flip.  We were supposed to work on when I got home today. Tonight I was tempted to finish  bc im so project orientated but will have to wait and finish when my son is ready to have shop time with dad .

Yes the design was changed again on the fly . Originally I wanted a 12 collet wrack when I left home. But than by lunch time . I was gona have a flip top for twelve collets and two extra holes on end for 2 drill chucks . But changed that again... didn’t like the way it looked. Cool idea tho... So than I made a separate holder for them and ended up making this wrack which will hold 16 collets ..
So thats it . Stay tuned for the finished product. Its and easy design, but know its gona come out good lookin when finished.

Good project, your will be much better than the rackI got from Enco, as part of the first set of R8 collets, I ever bought.

Its also good to get your son involved, my 8 year old grandson is autistic, it can be a struggle to get him involved in any family project.
I really like the idea of a rack like that. Mine is one my dad made, and he later fabricated a curved, open-ended polycarbonate shield for it. My only issue is that its not big enough to hold the "extra" tools, namely my R8 and straight shank drill chucks. Perhaps I could lose the couple of collets that have a duplicate, I just have a have time deciding which one I like better.

[Image: IMG_0725-r.jpg]
Been busy with a few things goin on at once .. still don't have horiz band saw back together bc I started 2 more Making ready  and  design base stand for  New PM932 PM10x22 lathe,   Proto, (  secret project  mod and resell)  

Well after there tries got kiddo to spend some shop time .. This is  about as  far as we got .  Mill back plate and Hinge to length,  layout/sand  5/32 Rad, top sides and  1/4 Rad on Bot sides. Drill and tap back plate for hinge top. That was it for kiddo .  He wasn't to into it and I kinda pushed him to finish because I need to crate back up a machine  ship for make room for  bigger one.  

Well heres the Collet wrack almost  done.  2-3 more ops a little polish and have kid put back together.
Asked kiddo for caliper to measure distance for mount holes and he gets it than decides to use it as hatched   on cardboard box …....  so I said  ok were done for for day . Than he and mamma went to beach .. id like to go but needed to get some work done to make ready for machines to arrive. More latter..GTG
What... no hatchet pic? :)