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Full Version: Logan lathe gear tooth repair
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I ran my Apron into the Quick Change Gear Box and broke two teeth on the gear change slide bars so it was either buy one or repair, i waited forone to come up on ebay but nothing turned up so i decided to repair it.

its disconnected from the lever handle.

[Image: photo279_zpsom3spkwk.jpg]

a close up

[Image: photo280_zpspnka2h2j.jpg]

I need to remove material for a blank tooth to be inserted so i ground a slot tool for the shaper

[Image: photo281_zpsxol5aa8g.jpg]

lined up and ready to go

[Image: photo282_zpsxwadmfwf.jpg]

that should work 

[Image: photo283_zpspscayggu.jpg]

two done now i need to make the blank teeth this is what i am going to make it from

[Image: photo284_zps9da3hs60.jpg]

cut on the bandsaw now they need to be filed down to the correct thickness the die-filler with this home made vise works a treat

[Image: photo285_zpsxmfdgv4b.jpg]

a little fussing with a hand file

[Image: photo286_zps4qv7w8bn.jpg]

now i am ready

[Image: photo289_zpsay4jogih.jpg]

my silver brazing kit, thats all you need for most work

[Image: photo290_zpsd5owvr9g.jpg]

nice fit

[Image: photo291_zpsku4oohib.jpg]

gas torch ready

[Image: photo292_zps1gfbacxc.jpg]

fluxed up and ready to go

[Image: photo293_zps0vjzzxty.jpg]

all done

[Image: photo294_zps5fju2xi4.jpg]

back to the die filer

[Image: photo295_zpsu6szifnq.jpg]

all done and these are the files i used

[Image: photo296_zpsyq0lfosm.jpg]

[Image: photo297_zpshl3qpkbw.jpg]

[Image: photo298_zps09ge3hid.jpg]

all back together and works like a dream.

[Image: photo301_zpswdqei4na.jpg]

Thanks for looking

That is one fine job you did Thumbsup  first class. Thumbsup 
And very nicely documented Thumbsup 
Good goin! The one I have had so many bad spots in it, the two gears would bind at certain places.
VERY nice repair.
Agree very nice.
That is a very nice recovery and repair.  Thumbsup
Excellent presentation and valuable information.
Well done - nice repair.
Nice work, thats exactly how we do it also, all done with a shaper.......
a job well dun