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Full Version: Gantry crane
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Has anyone built their own gantry crane?
There are times when some sort of lifting device would be useful. I'm not wanting a 'dock yard' one, something light, easy to maneuver, adjustable height, and if portable that would be a bonus.
Maximum lift 500kgs (1000lbs) Thinking about it maybe 250kgs would be plenty.

Will probably have to be made from steel, I could use aluminium but it would have to be bolted together.

Any thoughts, designs Smile 
I looked into it a few years ago - the internet is full of shop-made projects. Just search for "DIY gantry".
Too cold for the workshop, so spent some time looking at gantry canes - different designs. Also looked at 'engine cranes' I may just  buy an engine crane, going to be a lot cheaper.
maybe you can use it to move a heater into your shop..
I've got an engine crane but it won't get in close to my lathe for chuck changing etc due to the foot brake, the legs on the crane are too close together to approach from the headstock end too. I installed a swinging gantry over my lathe, you can see it in the photo in my introduction, it was being removed from a local petrol station so I enquired and got it for scrap price. I used a cheap lifting winch off ebay, with a beam truck that I also bought off ebay and modified to suit. The winch is ideal for the job and was too cheap to even consider making one. Since the photo I have added a chain support to the swinging beam, I put my mill within the arc of the gantry and I was a bit concerned about the weight of the vertical milling head.
You could go with an overhead crane attached to the ceiling. With the clutter in my shop a gantry crane would be worthless. The overhead cranes cover the whole shop and allow me to move stuff over and above the clutter. For a light duty one barn door track would work for the rails that are attached to the ceiling.
Because the rest of the posts were about a shop/engine crane they have been moved to here