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Full Version: Small garden cart
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So here it is the all weather, all terrain, 4 wheel stealth garden cart. Cool 

[attachment=12234] [attachment=12235]

And for stowage
Looking good Dave


Smiley-signs107  Dave , It looks very smart .

Good job on designing it so it can be stored on end. Thumbsup

Looks good Dave!
Nice job Dave Drool  Looks like a factory made item , except yours will not drop to bits lol. I hope the missus liked it Big Grin
  Cheers Mick
She absolutely adores it. Thumbsup 
Thanks Guys - appreciate your kind words.

I would have liked to have made it in aluminium, however I can't weld steel so aluminium is way over the horizon. Cool 
One more thing - I do wish the handle didn't look like a "cheap toilet roll holder" Bash 
(11-20-2015, 07:10 PM)DaveH Wrote: [ -> ]...I do wish the handle didn't look like a "cheap toilet roll holder".

So go to one of the upmarket home stores and either copy or buy a more expensive toilet roll holder to replace the current handle with.
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