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Full Version: Modified Tap Handle
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hi all did this at the week end I needed a long tap handle the chuck type I have one but was to long and the standard one was to short so I made one in-between the bottom part I think I got from the booty sum time back so I got sum bare turned dawn the od to 11.5 mm the same size as the bottom bit then marked out where the hole  wood be then set it up on me pillar drill drilled it out to 5.8 mm then reemd it 6 mm once that was dun I put it back in the lathe and drilled 8mm hole in the bottom then turned dawn the taping head top to fit the hole then turned dawn the rest of the stock to 11.5 by 100mm long then with Bering fit I put the two together and lind the  two hols up then made a pin to lock the two together then riveted the heds  then direst them dawn to match the shaft then settled on the over all length drilled 5.8mm then reemd 6mm for the bare drilled the top for a m4 grub screw all dun right pics


Graemlin   canny mod Bob  Smile

Graemlin 6799

Nice work indeed Bob!

I have a similar one, but took the easy route by buying one from a local Starrett retiree for $10US. It's the one on the right, seen next to some 6" rules/scales for a sense of size/length. It is the same capacity as the one with the red arrow pointing at it.

[Image: IMG_0744-r3.jpg]
Nice work Bob!
Graemlin  Nice job Bob, typical the short one was too short and the long one too long lol, that's why we all end up with so much tooling I suppose.
 Cheers Mick
Over here in the US there's a company who sells a series of "tap extensions", the Walton Tool Company.

It's a simple design and often copied for exactly those situations where you need that elusive "in between" length. Many times there's simply no other way to get the job done, so it's nice to be able to make what we need. I've been lucky so far. The only time I needed an odd length I found the one 5/16-18 pulley tap I had was the perfect length. It was to re-tap a hole in an in-situ engine block, a water pump mounting hole. Bolt had broken off and I got it drilled out, probably the first time I ever actually got one drilled on center!
(10-20-2015, 03:14 AM)Micktoon Wrote: [ -> ]...that's why we all end up with so much tooling I suppose.

Yes Mick - that is the only reason Big Grin

I suppose the next one will be a telescoping model? Chin
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