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Full Version: Treadmill motor project
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Who has used them and for what .
Show us your treadmill motor project.
Seem like there is loads of them out there.
for free.
I have collected Four myself all DC
and I have been thinking of a windmill project.
Can't provide pics 'cuze I've never done it, but ... I know guys that have adapted them to their mini-lathes, converted wood band saws to do both wood and metal, milling machine and a few others that I can't think of right now.
I added one to my 9x20 HF lathe when I had it. The best thing I ever did with that lathe was to donate it to a local farmer. That lathe and I never did get along.

The 9x20 isn't liked by many people. 3 or 4 guys on the mini-lathe list have had them and rapidly gotten rid of them.
I have salvaged 5 or 6 treadmills from Freecycle. I have a treadmill motor running my X2 mill, a sand muller, and had one on my 7x lathe while the oem controller was off for repair. Best thing that ever happened to my mill. Went from .5-.75hp to 2.5 HP.

Still have a couple on standby for projects.

The post that shows the (New to Me Belt Sander )
Has A DC motor with the speed control .and works great.
A while back Mr.Pete was going to do a drill press  
I know they will work for many apps.
I like to see peoples ingenuity.
Used a treadmill motor in this grinder. A variac sets the speed for 3600 rom verified wheels or 5500 for diamond faced ones.
[Image: IMG_0412.jpg]
Gee Greg - you could have faced the end of that shaft Big Grin

Looks good - I recall seeing the build thread.
I've got a 2HP treadmill motor & controller sitting in the basement. It's about the same size as my entire mini-lathe and twice as heavy. Rotfl

I've still got the original single phase motor from my 12x36 lathe too. Someday I'll find a use for them both - maybe? Chin
(11-11-2015, 09:00 AM)Mayhem Wrote: [ -> ]Gee Greg - you could have faced the end of that shaft Big Grin

Looks good - I recall seeing the build thread.