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Full Version: Logan lathe carriage stop dial indicator in bronze
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I had a Bronze wedge from years ago from working in the oil refineries, they are primarily used to split flanges and pipe joints, you can hit them with hammers and they don't create sparks hence there use.. they are harder than dog-snot and will tear you a new one while machining the material but the look and finish you get by making something with this material is just a joy..... here is my little gem..

[Image: LOGAN%20DIAL%20INDICATOR%20BED%20CARRIAG...a2xunl.jpg]

[Image: LOGAN%20DIAL%20INDICATOR%20BED%20CARRIAG...jkfyvk.jpg]

[Image: LOGAN%20DIAL%20INDICATOR%20BED%20CARRIAG...ofy7s4.jpg]

[Image: LOGAN%20DIAL%20INDICATOR%20BED%20CARRIAG...qy4jls.jpg]

[Image: LOGAN%20DIAL%20INDICATOR%20BED%20CARRIAG...uf5pud.jpg]

[Image: LOGAN%20DIAL%20INDICATOR%20BED%20CARRIAG...55bofq.jpg]

[Image: LOGAN%20DIAL%20INDICATOR%20BED%20CARRIAG...nim0td.jpg]

Allso makes a good carriage stop too...

Nice Job Thumbsup
(11-10-2015, 06:47 PM)carkrazd Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Job Thumbsup

This is so real "purty" and cool
Only can't see why U had to have such a wee long stem to Hold the Indicator ??
Pray, do tell