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Full Version: snow plow plans wanted
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Does anyone have or know of a web site where I can find a decent set of plans for a snow plow to go on a 24HP Cub Cadet garden tractor?  Since I do not have a roller I want to find something that utilizes a 55 gallon drum.
There's a site called TractorByNet, US based small tractor forum, that I look at from time to time, I think you'd be very likely to find something on there. Lots of interesting project builds in one of the sections.
Thank you for the tip.  Smiley-signs107 That particular forum did not have what I wanted, but it helped me revise my search and I found this:

Looks like an excellent set of plans that could be modified as necessary for a large number of garden tractors.
Almost makes me wish we got snow here in winter. Almost.
Hope you'll keep us updated with your project.
Will be picking up a 55 gallon steel drum next week.
(11-13-2015, 09:35 AM)Dr Stan Wrote: [ -> ]Will be picking up a 55 gallon steel drum next week.

You might find that there are other options out there that may work better. I built a 60" blade for my Simplicity Pow'r Max years ago. I used a section of an old water pressure tank. After cutting it out, I opened up the arc with a little bit of hammer work. This way I got a blade that starts at the bottom with only a little curvature, but the curve gets tighter at the top. Really helps to make the snow roll off the blade better without coming over the top.

I have also used old water heater tanks for sources of curved steel. Thicker and stronger than the thin stuff used in 55 gallon drums, but smaller in diameter.
Picked up the 55 gallon drum yesterday so the plow is in the queue (very long queue BTW). Just have to get it finished prior to the first snow fall which fortunately probably will not be until Jan or Feb.
Jan or Feb? Mine will be Saturday!
(11-19-2015, 07:21 PM)Vinny Wrote: [ -> ]Jan or Feb?  Mine will be Saturday!

grew up just south of Cleveland and left when I was 18.  You can have the cold & monster snow storms.