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Full Version: Star Gasoline Engine
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Just finished this little gem after a little over two years.
Details! Details!

Is it hit and miss, or is it throttled? Where did you get the castings? Did you work from and existing design, or did you design it your self?

It looks great. Any chance of posting a video so we can see it run?  Thumbsup

Well Loggerhogger, i am not usually a model fan, but that is so superb a piece of workmanship, I love it! well done.
Thank you both for the replies. Tom the castings are put out by Debolt Machine. It is a hit and miss, and the prototype was built by Star Engine of New York City and there is one on display at the Coolspring Power Museum in Pennsylvania.
I'm having trouble posting a video, but I do have it on U-TUBE. Just do a search for "Model of a Star Gasoline Engine".

(02-01-2016, 04:38 PM)loggerhogger Wrote: [ -> ]I'm having trouble posting a video

I fixed that for you loggerhogger. Smile

VERY nice!!! A hit and miss is on my to do list, but might be a while till it works it way to the top.
Many thanks EdK
I love it! Very nice work.