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Full Version: Harbor Freight Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Anyone have any experience with this ultrasonic cleaner? I'd like to pick one up but want to make sure it's worth it.

I have what looks to be the exact same unit Ed and I have had no issues with it. Read the instructions, as you cannot run them for multiple cycles consecutively but it has never been a problem. I just throw parts in, set the timer, press start and go and do something else.
I have the cheaper, smaller version and have had no problems with it. The warning everyone had about the one I have is that the seal between the tank and the case lets water in if you're sloppy, so I've always been conscience of it. Don't know if the same applies to this one.
I've had good luck with the one I have.
I have one of the older models that they discontinued several years ago, that is all stainless steel. I use it a LOT and it just keeps on keeping on. I love it. One of these days I plan on also getting the newer model you posted above Ed, just for more capacity so I can clean more parts at once.

[Image: 91957.gif]
Thanks guys. I ordered one last night.

Hope you used a 20% off coupon!
(02-12-2016, 04:41 PM)Vinny Wrote: [ -> ]Hope you used a 20% off coupon!

Affirmative. Big Grin

I have that unit. Used it for about a year now. Cleans firearms very well.
What do you guys use in the ultrasonic cleaner to clean greasy parts? I watched a YouTube video where a guy used Purple Power to degrease parts from an old grinder.

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