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Full Version: Not a product, but a service.
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I happened upon a discussion on another forum regarding how to restore the badly deteriorated speedometer face plate on a very old vehicle someone was doing restoration work on. Someone posted a couple of links to places that specialize in this type of work. One of the links was to a place named CAD Graphics, Inc. I checked out the web site and emailed the owner/president with a few questions regarding a dial indicator I wanted to "customize". He replied back a few days later and said he could do the job with a 3 to 4 day turn around.

He charges $5 per instrument if he has to disassemble it to get at the dial face plate, so I took my indicator apart before shipping the parts to be modified. I packaged up the indicator parts and sent them on their way via 2 day priority mail. The flat rate box arrived at its destination 4 days later.


I got the parts back today, again shipped by 2 day priority mail and the return trip took 3 days this time. Not counting the 7 days of transit, they had my indicator in their possession for 10 days. So 17 days total. 3 times the stated turn around.


The new overlays look good and seem to be affixed well to the faceplates. Total cost was $66.95 for two overlays ($27.00 for each part of the dial) and $12.95 postage. They re-used my original flat rate box and packing materials.

I reassembled my bore gauge and it reads as it should now. A few months ago I purchased a new Mitutoyo reverse reading dial gauge to replace this original gauge. But I failed to take my bore gauge apart beforehand to check it out first. Had I done that I would have seen that the gauge used has an 8mm stem on it – not the 3/8" stem that is on the Mitutoyo.   Slaphead

So... that's a good review?
Just my experience with them Vince. People can decide for themselves if it is good or bad.

One other thing I forgot to mention. Turns out their mailing address is a PO box inside a UPS store.
Sounds like he is running a home based business, good for him.  From the pics the dials look very good and much more readable for those of us on the plus side of 40.  As to the excess shipping time that is completely out of his control and IMHO do not feel it should be held against him.
(05-27-2016, 10:33 AM)Dr Stan Wrote: [ -> ]As to the excess shipping time that is completely out of his control and IMHO do not feel it should be held against him.

Nobody here doing that as far as I can tell. 17428