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Full Version: home made mill
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hi all not posted much as I ant bin up to out but john got a X.Y table of a chap sos john did give me your name but I have forgotten it so back to the plot went looking on the bay and came a cross a emcomat 7 milling head all the way dawn the other end of the country  I won the bid so me and me friend  David went to pick it up set off at 6 in the morning got back 6 at night any way I need to make a base plat a bit like a angel bracket to put the two together right sum pics
Looks like you are well on the way Bob, should make a nice machine and I am sure you will do a top job of it  Big Grin
 Cheers  Mick
well I got to work this morning and got a old base plate of a old press tool 30mm thick cut it up in to lumps with the gas axe then set one of the apprentices milling them up yes I no its cheating but its good practise for them to clock big lumps in any way tonight I made new scruws for the X and Y handels right pics
hi all things have bin going slow with the mill I striped out the head all of the bearings need replacing one shaft badly scored made a new one

went to work this morning did watt I had to do then set to on the two plats that will be the upright ruft  them dawn to size then grind them to the proper size plus sum pics of the mashean  shop right pics
work shop pics
Good pics Bob , nice to see the kit at the works. The mill will be good once you get it sorted out. Keep up the good work.
 Cheers Mick
Bob - you are wasting your time, simply leave home and move into your work! I'd never come home if I had access to a workshop like that Big Grin
lol I no milling big bits ant a problem but its when im home  that I all ways need one

Digging the build ya got going there.....!

hi all thanks for the comments did a bit more today drilled 7.8 then reemd  to 8 mm for two fixing dowels then I grinded  the two plats as one then milled in the slot for the key way then drilled and tapped m10 for the fore fixing bolts will post pics tomorrow as I have left the camera at work Bash
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