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Full Version: toys for the boys
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hi I picked these up at a boot sale. A toy motor and a mamod hammer. The motor was stripped and given a good clean and it runs well on 6 volt. The hammer the brace was bent. Straightened that out the pulley was held on by a brass screw which the head had come off. I tried to remove it but with no luck so I just filed it down to blend in to the pulley then I drilled and tapped M2 to fit a grub screw right pics.

[attachment=836] [attachment=837]

[attachment=838] [attachment=839]

[attachment=840] [attachment=841]

[attachment=842] [attachment=843]
The hammer did come up nice - smart Smiley-signs107,

Just have to paint the motor now Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin