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Full Version: a tricikel
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Hi this is not my project but I seem to be spending a lot of time working on it. It started out in life as a reliant car now its a trike. The only thing that is off the car is the engine gearbox back axle, all the rest is hand made. Will get better pics but here is some.

[attachment=844] [attachment=845]

Hi Bob,

This looks an interesting project, have you been on it long?
Any more pics?
They used to race those engines in formula 750 many years ago
A good cam some webbers and a good head job gave good power
hi all well all told the time spent on the project will be 5 months but i had no part of the build i just got involved with the wiring of it its all dun gnaw and ready for its sva test
HI all more pics of the red thing

Does look very smart Thumbsup
Someone has put a lot of hours and luv into it Worthy

Looking good Bob, Thumbsup

that will be a fun ride when finished, thanks for the up date. Smiley-signs024

If nothing else, those Reliants appear to be some tough old birds. I'm sure the one you are working on will be much more enjoyable to drive. Big Grin
Great job Bob! Smiley-eatdrink004

I enjoyed that
Thanks for posting it
Sadly i have worked on reliant robins

I haven't seen that one in awhile I forgot how funny it was, Thanks!!Smiley-dancenana

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