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Full Version: Stuff that i make in my small workshop
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Hi guys.
I wanted to share with you some of my projects that I have done recently Cool

Strange I do not see my topic in the section....
I doing something wrong?

We can see it. You can't? Chin

Nice work by the way. Smiley-eatdrink004
Now I see it :)
TNX :)
OK,more projects Smiley-dancenana

Only saw the piston so far. Cool!!! And nice work!!!
hi all good stuff brill
Love the hammer. Thumbsup

Nice work, but especially on the videos! I may be speaking for many other members of the "short attention span theater" group when I say speeding things up made so much easier to watch and still get an idea of the processes involved.

I'm buying stock in WD40 Company now. Big Grin

You really don't need to use it for 95% of the applications. Tools don't wear much with those materials, and coated carbide inserts like to see some heat. More risk of thermal shock failure than tool life gains. It can help with finish though.
I subscribed. What music are you playing (was watching the hammer vid).
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